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As a webmaster, you would like your website to rank on the highest of program results pages (SERPs), right?

Of course, everyone does!

But for your site to urge indexed and eventually rank, search engines like Google would often need to regularly “crawl” your site.

They do this to supply the foremost up-to-date content within the search results.

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Sometimes, the search bots may crawl a site multiple times during a day, especially if you post new articles throughout the day just like the case is with news sites.

The crawl process is usually algorithmic, meaning that computer programs determine how often search bots should crawl each site.

The more times these program spiders crawl your site, the more of your content they'll index. This ultimately results in more of your pages exposure for queries and by extension more organic traffic trooping into your site.

However, for your site to urge crawled *properly* whenever and more frequently because it were, there has got to be a structure in situ . And it's called Sitemap.